Guilherme Rios no at
Wed Mar 31 05:59:33 PST 2004

Archaic wrote:
> I don't see java as mainstream on a server. Java apps are, but they
> are delivered to the delivered to the client for processing. The
> server doesn't need it.

     I know a lot has been said about this and I *really* apologize in 
advance if I sound like lecturing or advocating Java, this is not my 
intention. But I do want to make a point clear.
     Nowadays Java is server-based, that´s what the whole J2EE thing is 
about. Lots of companies that used to base their systems on Microsoft 
stuff are switching to Linux+Java. Is this good enough as far as open 
source goes? Definitelly not. But I think it is easier to move your 
business to 100% open source when you already run Linux, so Java might 
help a bit here, and for the time being I think of it as something "good".
     Now, I will be the first to admit I lack the technical skills to 
judge how hard it would be to support Java in HLFS (which is the main 
reason I have been here for over a month without posting). What I am 
trying to say is, I think there are more people out there like me, who 
support open source and work with the Linux+Java combo because that is 
the only thing some people will buy that is not Microsoft, and we really 
could use a reference that teaches how to harden Linux that does not 
lock Java completely out.
     Having said all that, I look forward to see more technical 
discussions on the topic, and if Java is ruled out because of technical 
issues, I can live with that. But please do not underestimate the 
importance of supporting it on server side, nowadays you either do Java 
on the server side or you do not do it at all.



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