Archaic archaic at
Tue Mar 30 11:26:04 PST 2004

On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 02:55:16PM +0100, Adrian Fisher wrote:
> Wouldn't it be more beneficial to ensure changes didn't lock out 
> mainstream technologies such as Java as I know many companies use it.

I don't see java as mainstream on a server. Java apps are, but they
are delivered to the delivered to the client for processing. The
server doesn't need it. As far as clients go, we'll have to look into
that at as a separate consideration. For the most part, we will limit
our field of vision to that which produces a stable, secure base.
Changes to the base to satisfy the needs of an ancillary package will
be reviewed as time permits. If that ancillary package is going to be
in the book, then it would be most likely that when we work on that
package we will adjust the base to work with it.


CVS is not *intended* to inflict great pain on any who use it, it is
just *possible* that it may do so.

- Bill Maltby (in a post on the LFS mailing lists)

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