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Mon Mar 29 20:29:48 PST 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:

>On March 28, 2004 08:13 am, Adrian Fisher wrote:
>>Hello there.
>>I am new to this list (and Linux in general) and would like to ask some
>>How much knowledge of Linux and Linux will I need to create a HLFS system?
>You should be comfortable with Linux and LFS before doing this. You're 
>expected to know what you're doing.

techincaly just cut and paste to create the system its self how ever the 
better you understand the software you NEED on that system the better 
you can secure it.  one thing to keep in mind the more bells and 
whisle's you have the more likely you have somthing broken(just my opinion)

>>When completed, how will the security of HLFScompare with the likes of
>>Open BSD which pridesitself on it's security?
>Openbsd is using very stable (and old) software in its base system. Hlfs is 
>about as bleeding edge as it gets (so far). Some of hlfs features are in 
>violation of posix, something obsd refuses to do. Its hard to say which is 
wheres the poxtix  violations?  just cerous   also   when complete the 
security will be just as secure as YOU make it and that is what hlfs is 
all about is educating one enough while bulding a secure base to start 
off of. as i understand it  the hlfs project is more about educating the 
user so they know what is important to explore for security

>>Will it include things like Java, MySQL and PHP?
>I don't think java will work, the others should.
last i understood java was enablible via glibc? / gcc?  how ever if you 
are talking about java for the webbrowser that is a entirely different 
animal (personaly i feal the browser and surrounding mozilla code to run 
java apps sould be reviews to help with all those viruses floting aournd 
in js how ever that is a entirely different animal then for hlfs for now)

>Will the HLFS book take you 
>from scratch again so the user builds up a completely new system from 
>nothing but source code or will it detail how to modify a standard LFS 

inorder to put the security measures in you would have to build from the 
ground up again.  the main points of software security have to be built 
in to the core of the system(ie glibc) so that all further software is 
built with proper security measures. 

also the alfs is not nessasarly the way to go to learn.  its more for 
those who have built it a fiew times and understand the consepts behind 
it and need to build for several systems
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