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> On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 17:10, Archaic wrote:
> > On Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 08:32:17AM -0500, Robert Connolly wrote:
> > > I also found this:
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> > > Based on this:
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> > Due to the fact that ost servers do not have soundcards, I'm wondering
> > if we should go this route. /dev/arandom sounded like a good thing,
> > though.
> There are some people who have very nasty things to say about using this
> kind of source as a seed for entropy.  Basically the argument goes that
> someone able to generate a lot of RF in your area can effectively
> control your entropy pool and drastically reduce the strength of the
> generated keys.

For those hardware-oriented and with time in their hands, there's a very
cool (i think) way to generate random noise.

Heat a resistor (100 ohms should do it, and to heat it, just stick it to
the cpu's heatsink or something) and amplify the signal between both
ends of the resistor with an op-amp. (Because of the heat, there will be
a small but completely random voltage between the two extremes of the
resistor). Use an AD converter on the op-amp's output and then use a PCI
or ISA interface to read it.

Miguel Bazdresch

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