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Sun Mar 28 06:58:09 PST 2004

On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, Adrian Fisher wrote:

> Hello there.

Welcome wanderer!

> I am new to this list (and Linux in general) and would like to ask some
> questions.

I can't answer your questions, but I offer some thoughts. I agree with
Ian, given your "new to Linux" status.

> How much knowledge of Linux and Linux will I need to create a HLFS system?

First thing you should know is that HLFS will be based on LFS and (IIUC)
may not repeat everything in the LFS book. But it does depend
heavily on what you learned going through the LFS book, such as the
normal untar procedures, how to apply a patch, etc.

LFS is geared towards an "intermediate-to-advanced" *IX user. Even so,
many total n00bs have built LFS and learned a lot in the process. Some
of those things include read carefully, stick close to the book, try to
*comprehend* what is being taught and research nd think before asking
for help. Of course, the run-of-the-mill technical operations are also

> What type of environment would such a system be uuseable for?  Is it
> just as a desktop machine or as a server as well?

HLFS provides neither. It provides a more secure version of the same
thing LFS provides, a basic platform for continuing on. The final
configuration is determined by *you* when you progress to the BLFS book.
That means you can make a server, a workstation or whatever. I don't
recall ATM if HLFS intends to address specific BLFS book components.

> When completed, how will the security of HLFScompare with the likes of
> Open BSD which pridesitself on it's security?

Knowing the folks on this project, I would anticipate it would compare
*very* favorably.

> When is the system likely to be ready for general use?

You could probably start using it now, but with lack of experience, I
would do at least one normal LFS build first. Preferably more.

> Will it include things like Java, MySQL and PHP?

These are BLFS components.

> Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
> Adrian.


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