RFC: Roadmap

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Wed Mar 24 09:50:21 PST 2004

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- Mohandas Gandhi

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** v0.1 **

1) Have an ssp/pie compatible toolchain using the versions of binutils,
   gcc, and glibc in LFS CVS at the time of release.
2) Stable building of all packages for a base system, (re-buildability?)

** v0.2 **

1) At least place markers for educational text about exploits, admin
   practices, etc.
2) Base networking components including firewall (with educational text)
3) Default system-wide policy text

** v0.3 **

1) Fill in place markers with text
2) Build and configure daemons (at least SSH/FTP/HTTP)
3) Security configuration for all packages

** v0.4 **

1) Other daemons not already done (samba, named, mail)
2) Xfree86/GNOME/KDE

** v0.5 **

1) Common X Apps (if they need to be built differently for security)
2) Other apps (if they need to be built differently for security)

** v1.0 **

1) All software included at this time will build, be stable, and can
   rebuild itself and uses current (B)LFS stable or (B)LFS-CVS package
   versions where possible.
2) All educational text in the book will be reviewed and modified as
   needed for final ouput

** v2.0 **

1) Some method of RBAC/MAC

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