Firewall Script Required for bootscripts

Kendrick kendrick at
Wed Mar 24 00:43:59 PST 2004

Ryan.Oliver at wrote:

>Shouldn't be any need to use an IP in the filtering, filter based on
>interfaces and ports only... Only time IP becomes important is when doing
>Usually most daemons listen on *:port unless bound to an IP address
>in their conf (they just listen on a port) so just continue to function
>(existing sessions of course die).
>For ones that dont it would probably would be a trivial script to
>write to detect change in dhcp lease and restart affected network services.
i use dhclient  I did some modifications in that script to do any 
nessassary changes to the system.  I had it running the script to update 
the dns forwarding ( as well as some other trivial items.  I 
can see some places in that script that could use a small change to 
allow for greater system flexability and automated maitenance
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