Hlfs iso?

Kendrick kendrick at linux2themax.com
Fri Mar 12 00:17:12 PST 2004

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

>You can't harden a system until you know what it's supposed to do,
>therefore a "hardened" ISO is a bit of a contradiction.
>If you can get all the build tools and the source tarballs onto media,
>go for it, but the majority of the real work you're not going to be able
>to script.
same with installing any os if you dont know what its for you dont get 
what you want.... server or other doesnt matter.  thats why alot of 
packages are optional.  how ever  i would be willing to gues that there 
will be quite a fiew takers on mysql  samba apache1/2? postfix sendmail 
or qmail.   X and alot of the other goodies are not as likely but still 
posible.    how ever i beleve (correct me if im wrong)  the main 
intension is for servers and power users not for a gaming system.  I 
dont see why we couldent include those in a nalfs  profile all they have 
to do is hit insert infront of the optional packages  or not just that 
simple.   then print a screen or cat a file for them with notes on what 
they have to figure out how to configure them selves...  i honestly dont 
see any packages that  most if not a basic config could be put in to the 
script  with little problims. 

second   I think It may prove helpful to have a dedicated h-lfs  hints 
section wheather it is apart of the main hints tucked in a 
folder/section of its own   or  maintained by the hlfs website   i 
thinkit may be very helpful to have the security related stuf in a easy 
to find repository for those who need   what ever picece of software and 
have the knolage to do it more securily then the rest. 

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