XFS 'vs' ext3 and Can they go hand in hand !

Vishal vishal at mail.cyberneme.com
Thu Mar 4 01:30:09 PST 2004

Hi Linux pals,

I am working on a server product which uses SAP DB for database.
I am trying to build a customized Linux kernel 2.6.1 ( First time :) ) 
for this product.

I used "make menuconfig" and opted for ext3 file system. After doing some research on file systems,

i was wondering if i can use XFS filesystem (which uses b-tree) for database (only), 
to increase the perfomance.

And i also read that XFS is Journaled 64-bit file system for IRIX. 
My platform is also 64-bit, Xeon (Intel's) and Linux seems to support XFS.

I do realize that SAPDB will have its own implementation for database( btree and other algorithms),
but at some level file system will come in picture.

Will it be a good choice if i use ext3 file system for files and XFS for database. And is it possible !


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