Going beyond the scope

Robert Connolly cendres at videotron.ca
Wed Mar 3 09:02:45 PST 2004

I don't know what to call this, or where to send it to, but here she goes.

Unix has been shaped largely by hackers for hackers. This is true with Minix, 
Linux, BSD, Hurd, and others. The Open Source community maintains itself 
mainly free of charge, possibly being the largest community of free exchange 
in history. Open Source is a dream of Utopia. Thanks to one of those hackers 
we have LFS. LFS has inspired many not just to dream but to realize their 
hacking dreams. Many systems have been based off of Gerard Beekmans LFS, 
including Gentoo, crosstools, the uclibc buildroot, and many others. Due to 
the recent emerging maturity of the Open Source infrastructure I believe its 
time for a revolutionary LFS based system. In the spirit of Linux From 
Scratch, and in the spirit of Linux Standard Base I propose a fully portable 
source based system by integrating the netbsd kernel and libc. I am not 
proposing replacing the Linux kernel, but instead having a choice. I believe 
the same build system can be used to build from netbsd-* to linux-* and back, 
mainly due to netbsd linux emulation but also due to the gnu toolchain. Like 
the LSB project this project would take it upon itself to develop a standard 
base, but for all Unix not just Linux. But being security oriented as well 
the project would adhere to the Common Criteria too. I believe licensing 
issues has prevented this from happening before, but being a documentation 
project we do not have such issues. The purpose for this idea is to make the 
system very robust and ready for any future. I strongly believe there would 
be enormous interest in this project by the community. With minimal testing I 
found 'gcc -pie' works in netbsd. There is some netbsd work to get W^X 
working in the kernel; and with time PaX could also be ported. The majority 
of the software on mainstream Unix systems is the same with exception to the 
kernel, libc, and things like packet filter which depends on the kernel.

I think this would benefit hlfs by providing the most robust design possible.

Apologizing in advance for changing the topic.

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