HLFS Successful build

Vincent Blondel vincent.blondel at chello.be
Sun Jun 20 14:46:23 PDT 2004

Hello lfs hardeners,

I updated my web site by adding the last snapshot of hlfs system.


Just a few remarks about some errors on the website :

- D'ont forget to add util-linux at the end of chapter 5 
  It is needed to perform the mount operations on
  Chpater 6 "Mounting the proc and devpts file systems"

- broken link on the page Chapter 5 - Coreutils 
  switch directly to bzip2 instead of m4-bison-flex
  ( needed by binutils on chapter 6 )

- Don't forget to add these lines on page Chapter 5 - flex-2.5.4a

  cat > /tools/bin/lex << EOF
  exec /tools/bin/flex -l "$@"

  These lines are needed by binutils in chapter 6.

- broken link on the page Chapter 6 - Zlib

  next link doen't work so no way to go to mktemp-1.5

- broken link on the page Chapter 6 - Psmisc-21.4

  next link switch directly to Linux-PAM-0.77 instead of cracklib-2.0.7

- missing some lines of code in Chapter 6 -  LinuxPAM-0.77

  configure script during the compilation of pam_unix-1.22 searches 
  for some /usr/include/security/pam*.h so these lines are missing :

  cp -rf libpam/include/* /usr/include
  cp -rf libpamc/include/* /usr/include
  cp -rf libpam_misc/include/* /usr/include

- broken link on the page Chapter 6 - util-linux-2.12a

  "next" link is broken instead of switching to section "stripping"

Have fun ...


Blondel, Vincent

Registered LFS user : 	7485
homepage : 		http://jlang.dyndns.org/

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