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Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at thewizardstower.org
Tue Jul 20 02:12:10 PDT 2004

* J. Scott Edwards <sedwards at xmission.com> [2004-07-20 09:00]:
> I have tried to build it using that latest book, but I just can't get past
> the glibc make check in chapter 6 (I did not run any checks in chapter 5).
> I've tried it three times now, starting from chapter 5.  At first I was
> trying to use GCC 3.3.4 because at first I couldn't find the sources for
> 3.3.3 and it seemed to patch and work ok.  But when glibc kept failing I 
> went back and did it all over again with GCC 3.3.3 and it gets the same 
> error:
> sedwards at marconi tmp $ more 
> /mnt/lfs/sources/glibc-build/math/test-ifloat.out
> testing float (inline functions)
> Failure: Test: hypot (0.7, 12.4) == 12.419742348374220601176836866763271
> Result:
>  is:          1.24197416305541992188e+01   0x1.8d6e8600000000000000p+3
>  should be:   1.24197425842285156250e+01   0x1.8d6e8800000000000000p+3
>  difference:  9.53674316406250000000e-07   0x1.00000000000000000000p-20
>  ulp       :  1.0000
>  max.ulp   :  0.0000
> It says there were 9 errors (but I only see eight in the file).  I don't 
> know where to go from here.  I could swear I have followed the hlfs book 
> exactly.

I haven't followed all the thread; sorry if I'm missing something. Do
you have a recent intel or amd cpu? Some models are known to fail some
math tests. If all your errors are in the math tests and your cpu is
old/not intel then i'd say it's safe to go on.

Also double-check you don't have CFLAGS set before compiling glibc.

Miguel Bazdresch

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