Cups vulnerability

dienadel no at
Tue Jul 6 12:47:17 PDT 2004


I'm not sure is this post is well-posted here but, as in the mailing list
there is a note that says tat "Discussion of security for LFS and BLFS has
been transferred to hlfs-dev". Say me if this is not the correct forum to
change it.

Ok, i have installed nessus to test my system, and the only Vulnerability
found is the following (copied from nessus report):

Vulnerability found on port ipp (631/tcp)

 It seems that the source code of various CGIs can be accessed by 
 requesting the CGI name with a special suffix (.old, .bak, ~ or .copy)
 Here is the list of CGIs Nessus gathered :
 You should delete these files

I know that is related to the CUPS service, but doing a locate command of
"cgi" and "canon", these are the only files that appears:


So, i don't know really how to solve the problem :-(

Any help?

BTW, i've done the test from my own PC to my own PC. If a person would be
done this from an external PC, would be obtain the same results? I ask
this, because if my iptables are configurated to reject all petitions that
i haven't made, CUPS wouldn't answer to them, or not?

The last thing ;-) i have printed an iptables manual to read and learn it,
but as that "Vulnerability" have afraid me...



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