selinux headache

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed Jan 21 17:21:46 PST 2004

> If we are always going to be living on the edge regarding m4, flex,
> and bison, how about just putting them in and forgetting about it?

This has been my argument for a LOOOONG time...

We cant always guarantee the package maintainers will generate the required
files for us, if we have m4/bison/flex in a base build we can guarantee it
will NEVER be an issue... EVER...

And choice of binutils being either HJL or FSF will NEVER be an
issue... EVER

(your distro, your choice...)

I spent a lot of time when developing the PLFS build to ensure to solve
wherever possible all future problems that can arise, and to allow
myself (and by extension others) to plug and play with various
package versions for bleeding edge devel.

I think somewhere along the line people chose that this was not an
important goal for LFS (or didn't realise that this was one of the
primary goals I was working towards with PLFS) or just plain didn't get
it what the advantages are of keeping these "useless" packages around.

But hey, what can you do...

If you are looking at where to stick them into the buildorder ch5,
I initially had them after findutils/diffutils
(order m4 - bison - flex)

I'll probably get a nice flame for this post :-)
Still flogging this dead horse...


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