hgcc propolice

Robert Connolly cendres at videotron.ca
Sun Jan 11 17:36:45 PST 2004

Fixed (sorta) problem with glibc and kernel. Added filter extensions for 
kernel and nostdlib to stop smash symbols from mangling the kernel and libs. 
Unfortunetly it doesn't fix the problem with binutils-2.14. Don't use this 
script if gcc-2 is your default compiler. CC="/opt/gcc-2.95.3/bin/gcc 
-fstack-protector", or /usr/bin/gcc, is still the way to build a propolice 

Bumped to v0.3


This will use -fstack-protector by default unless -D__KERNEL__ is used, and it 
will add -fstack-protector-all unless -nostartfiles, -nodefaultlibs, 
-nostdlib, or -nostdinc are used. I also removed -fforce-addr. The kernel 
doesn't like having -fstack-protector given in specs, thats why D__KERNEL__ 
was added as a rejection flag, and why it has to be added by hand to $CC. I 
noticed some propolice kernel patch have an option to add -fstack-protector 
to the kernel CFLAGS so nothing special needs to be added to $CC, I need to 
look into that.

And the 2.6.1 propolice patch if any of you want it. I haven't added it to the 
patch tarball yet.


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