hlfs team

Chris Schneider cschneid at colostate.edu
Sat Jan 10 14:21:46 PST 2004

Amanda Lynn Rossmiller wrote:

>>>what's the matter with su?
>>Why should everyone have equal access to su? selinux/rsbac fixes this
>you mean anyone can su?
>i haven't tried it in linux,
>in openbsd (i just recently migrated)
>only users in group wheel could su,
>i thought it would be the same in linux...
AFAIK, wouldn't it be an almost trivial fix to just change file 
permissions on su (and any other potentially root giving program) to 750 
so that only people in its group can run it, and then add it to the 
group wheel, or admin or something similar.  That way only users with 
the appropriate group could even use the su command.

Just and idea,

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