Robert Connolly cendres at
Fri Jan 9 09:55:50 PST 2004

In an effort to narrow down the project goals, I think it would be right to 
begin by focusing on the local enviroment, and completely ignore inetutils, 
net-tools, sysklogd, and networking for now. RSBAC was talked about a bit 
before, does anyone have strong opinions about RSBAC vs Selinux? The two 
major problems with Selinux that I'm aware of is the role based access 
control is under patent by a private US company, and Selinux is based on 
obsolete 20 year old standards. RSBAC is more free, and more modern in 
design. It might take some testing to get it to work on first boot, but it 
comes with added security for user lfs/installer_role, among others. This 
might be the best way to start off hlfs, by fixing the foundation.

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