hlfs team

Robert Connolly cendres at videotron.ca
Thu Jan 8 16:24:31 PST 2004

Quite list today.

Previously I think I was reffered as the driving force of the hlfs project. So 
unless anyone has objections I'll volunteer to be hlfs the project leader. 
Hardened Linux From Scratch, and everything it implies, is a never ending 
story. As the scope is so large, goals will always be short term. Adapting 
and importing newer and better methods as they arrive. However contributors 
need to be organized. This project needs to pound out a real roadmap 
describing at least some short term goals.

Achievable short term goals would be:

An introduction.
Getting the propolice bugs worked out and an hgcc script made.
Read only root filesystem on first boot.
If I remember right glibc or gcc make install attempts to send mail to gnu 
after a successfull build. This is a privacy problem and should be broken, if 
it actualy works.
-Replace /bin/false and /bin/true.
-Disable some suid stuff. mount and umount for sure.
-If su is going to be used, sgid might be better.
-Move /usr/var/locatedb to /var so /usr could posibly be read only. Also if 
this database is owned by another user (bin) updatedb doesn't need to run as 

Sound like enough for a v0.1? hlfs could realy use an editor if someone could 
volunteer their time.


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