logging keystrokes (was encrypted filesystems)

Cedric cedric.de.wijs at softhome.net
Thu Jan 8 06:08:26 PST 2004

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> > I've been looking to ways to get some sort of keylogging going at my lfs
> > box. I was thinking about catching the io form bash and put it into a
> > logfile, my first attempt is this:
> > bash 2>&1 | tee /somewhere/log.file
> > It doesn't add to the security of the box, but then you can see what the
> > hacker was doing (unless he finds it and deletes the logfiles)
>see http://www.honeynet.org/tools/index.html for descriptions
I read the article about the script util , and it looks promising. There is 
only one drawback: the script utility only writes the log when a user logs 
off. When i build a lfs system the user lfs stays logged on for hours. This 
cost some memory (a full toolchain log is about a meg in size) and i can't 
use it as a large scroll back buffer. Are there solutions which keep a 
(almost, a few seconds delay is fine) real-time archive?



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