encrypted filesystems

Amanda Lynn Rossmiller sleepynyago at mchsi.com
Tue Jan 6 12:15:23 PST 2004

> The secmem warning in gpg refers to someone rooting your box and reading
> the memory pages where the password is stored.  Thus, don't let someone
> root you box.  Yes, it is that simple because once the attacker is
> considered to be from the next level up in resources the easy attack is
> installing a hardware keylogger.  Opps, the FBI has already been doing
> this for several years.  Hardware keyloggers are available on-line for
> under $100.  So, money is not the issue.  The class of potential attackers
> is someone close to you or with the resources to blackbag you.
have they come up with less blatant designs yet?
ones i saw before were very obvious hardware adapters,
that you'd notice if you just look behind your box.
i don't remember how they worked, probably stored the keystrokes
in a small memory device or something..

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