Basic Ideas on Encrypted FS

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> library is actually fairly weak in this area.  Three volumes I would 
> recommend as required reading for developers would be Security Engineering 
> by Ross Anderson, Practical Cryptography by Bruce Schneier, and Firewalls 
> and Internet Security (2nd ed) by Cheswick, Bellovin, and Rubin.  Then
> there are the books that deal with specialized areas...

If you dont want to read through them to get an overview on the problems with
crypted filesystem (e.g. Bruce Schneiers books is anything than ease to read,
althougth, very interesting) then going through this might explain the basic
		(Cryptographic File Systems Performance)
		(NCryptfs: A Secure and Convenient Cryptographic File System)

However, NCryptfs is still not available. If somebody can proof me wrong,
I would be glad. I would like to test this fs.

Best Regards, Tobi

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