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> On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 07:27:35AM +1100, Thomas Sutton
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> > You'd also need to include the dead and pretend languages that people
> > are likely to use.
> There is a repository of word lists at Cambridge as I recall.  I 
> downloaded them a couple years back so I don't remember off the top 
> of my head.  I'm sure some google will do the trick.

One obvious resource is to use the dictionaries available for the various
free or open-source spell checkers, like Ispell and Aspell. There are a
bunch of dictionaries for the Aspell package at, and for Ispell at There are
almost certainly other locations with different lists as well.

Although they are not strictly word-lists, with a bit of work it should be
possible to create word-lists from them - even if we have to work out from
the source how the program(s) extract words from their dictionaries.

Just a thought.


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