Robert Day zarin at
Mon Jan 5 17:28:56 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 17:42, Robert Connolly wrote:
> We should start organizing this stuff, even if its a draft, and people can 
> send diffs if they want. I can setup and host a cvs server to start it off 
> and try to organize what we have so far, unless someone else wants to offer.

Already started working on that, but there was not alot of work, and I
don;t think the site was too worthwhile..   It was a project management
WebApp I put online...  seemed like a good idea at the time ;) was the URL  - guest/guest was the open login -
although I was going to setup a login for each developer....

Oh well..  CVS might be good....

   Rob Day (BOFH)

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