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Archaic archaic at
Mon Jan 5 16:50:16 PST 2004

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 10:18:32PM +0000, Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Reminds me of something Archaic posted before we got the separate list
> - for each item, show the advantages and the disadvantages.  For most of
> us, I suspect that once somebody has removed the kit it's game over.  I
> hope your secured backups are encrypted ;)

Yes. We need to realize that our bins need not be encrypted. Encrypted
only helps if your system (or it's harddrive) is stolen, and then, you
only need to encrypt the *sensitive* stuff. On my laptop, I have /home
(non-encrypted) on a separate partition, and another partition
(encrypted) mounted on /home/<group> where group is a group that needs
to have access to this stuff. Then chown 0:<group> and chmod 0070 the
directory. If I didn't want the members of <group> to be able to share,
but I did want them to have an encrypted partition, then each user would
get /home/sensitive/<user> and the appropriate permissions. Then either
a cronjob, or manually, tell each user to exit all secure files, and dd
the partition for backup purposes. Works pretty good, but I've never had
gov't spooks try to break the encryption. ;)


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