ashes cendres at
Sun Jan 4 18:07:09 PST 2004

Mission Statement

Hardened Linux From Scratch is a text book that teaches Linux system security 
by implementing it in a flexable way on an already existing Linux system. 
This is done in a way that will create a new independent hardended Linux 


Define threat assessment.
Decide on a default system security policy.
Decide on a default user policy for root, regular users, chroot users, with 
and without X11, with and without network access. This assumes enforcement.
Define user requirements.
Decide on a default system accounting policy. (Process, filesystem, and memory 
Decide on a default intrusion detection and reaction policy.
Decide on a default software auditing policy. (Minimum security requirements)

Provide detailed analysis of all of the above.

We can start with the first one. Who are we protecting ourselves against, and 
what do they want?

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