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Sat Jan 3 08:35:43 PST 2004

On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 10:29:22AM -0500, Robert Day wrote:
> This is where the long-term goal of a pre-built BootCd comes in handy -
> the boot Cd can include a patched gcc and glibc.

A bootCD would be nice, BUT, many people cannot afford to download one.

> In the mean time, would it make more sense to do this....
> Assume we are going to simple modify LFS....
> Building the /tools dir, we build glibc....  patch it here...
> we also build gcc here, and patch it.....
> Then after we chroot, we have a patched glibc and a patched, guarded
> gcc...  NOW we build a new glibc that IS guarded.  Sensible?

If LFS decides to point links to HLFS, then people most certainly could
shortcut buy patching in chapter 5. However, I think we need to assume a
complete LFS in the main instructions with notes that certain steps need
not be done if they were done by following the shortcut links in LFS


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