ashes cendres at
Fri Jan 2 16:42:13 PST 2004

For those of you who have protector or protector_only, with or without glibc 
fuctions, installed you can play with this for now instead of hcc. In 
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.3.1/specs edit 

%(cc1_cpu) %{profile:-p}

Change to:

%(cc1_cpu) %{!fno-stack-protector: %{!fno-stack-protector-all: 
-fstack-protector -fstack-protector-all -fforce-addr}} %{profile:-p}

Or make a script to do it. This will force -fstack-protector (all) to be the 
default. If you have protector_only installed use this to reverse it.

%(cc1_cpu) %{!fstack-protector: %{!fstack-protector-all: -fno-stack-protector 
-fno-fstack-protector-all -fforce-addr}} %{profile:-p}

This will make -fno-stack-protector the default.
Just be sure to make a backup of your spec file before you do this.

protector-4 patch looks like it will fix a few of the bugs. Don't bother with 
protector-3 for now, I'll release -4 after building lfs-5.0 with it.

Anyone want to discuss using gcc-3.3.2 in hlfs?

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