ashes cendres at
Fri Jan 2 08:07:16 PST 2004

This has openssl, libwrap, and chroot support.
Configure needs to be edited to find openssl. It only looks in /usr/local.
No license? Its based on sysklogd, no idea if the code, and license are the 
same. Looks like it also supports sha1 hashing for the log files.
For those who don't use remote logging or openssl, it doesn't need to be 
enabled (configure option). This source is about 240kb larger then sysklog.
Not yet fully supported on linux "there are still some teething problems with 
Linux and its /dev/klog.", its about 3-4 years old, and doesn't seem to 
support public key authentication.

Stunnel would work with sysklogd, but its an added application that wouldn't 
be needed if everything is ssl aware. Encrypted and/or hashed logfiles would 
be cute too.

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