BARRE Arnaud arnaud.barre at lavache.com
Fri Feb 27 13:13:38 PST 2004

if i undestood PIE is in PAX so, why dont use PAX ?

I'm newbie and i have still proble with securty level.
But i thinked than PIE is just an element for security level 1
and PAX is for security level 1,2 and 3

Do you thinck, SSP and PAX is a good choice ?

If i use SSP hint with PAX patch on kernel 2.6.3, do you thinck it 
will be stable ?
I dont know what sort of test is good for test kernel stability or if 
all patches will be good, ... ?

I hope you understand me, because my english is very poor and i 
wasn't enter in the kernel code or security problem

Thancks for your responses

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