Robert Connolly cendres at
Wed Feb 25 14:13:12 PST 2004

I removed gcc2, I think the new shadow works now but I didn't really check. 
New autopie patch adds D__KERNEL__ filter so gcc3 can build the kernel. Same 
added to the SSP sed command. Added random device to chap7 bootscripts with 
description. I tested the build against 2.6(chap5) / fedora(chap6) headers, 
nptl, and booted with 2.6 pax patch and with the pax addon at:

Updated book:

Updated patch:

One of the options in the addon pax patch breaks hwclock i/o.
And I found the following apps have TEXTREL:

Regarless I could build ssl/ssh, wget, and lynx in the new system with 
NOTEXTREL in the kernel without complaints from the system.

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