PIE and gcc2

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Sun Feb 22 13:37:00 PST 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Archaic wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 21, 2004 at 04:00:47PM -0500, Robert Connolly wrote:
> >
> > gcc2 is the only thing left that won't be PIE. What do you guys think
> > about ditching gcc2?
> It's getting to the end of it's usefulness. GCC-3 had been out for how
> long now? I've not had any problems for a long while with 3.3.1/3.3.2,
> so unless 3.3.3 is b0rked, I think it's time to switch.
> But one question first... does ssp/pie work on anything besides x86? The
> reason I ask is because gcc-2.95 was left around mainly for ppc guys. If
> the toolchain will work with ppc, then we should see if ppc guys can
> build kernels w/ 3.3.3 first. If the toolchain is x86 specific, I say
> dump 2.95.3.
 Whoops, I'd better rebuild all my ppc kernels :)  The only time I've
used 2.95 in the last year on ppc was for building recovery kernels
where every byte counted (u-boot, 2.88MB for compressed kernel and
initrd, uncompressed vmlinux tends to be somewhat big on ppc).  My
iBook doesn't have gcc-3.3+ yet, and I've been suffering from lack of
space trying to put LFS-5+ onto it, but all of the normal kernels it's
had in the last year have used gcc-3.2+.  The other box is known to
build ok with 3.3.1, but it's a long way from a kernel.org tree,
more's the pity. [ note careful choice of words, I've had repeatable
lockups using scp | tar with a kernel compiled with 3.3.2.  So far,
building `make check' for 3.3.3 is a bit unpredictable on ppc. ]

 I understood when 2.95.3 first went in for the kernel that it was
because when people reported problems on l-k the first question was
always "is it ok with 2.95.3 ?", nothing to do with architecture -
although not denying that some are probably still using egcs :)  There
have been a lot of patches getting into kernels recently to fix builds
with 3.4 snapshots, so I think everybody will soon forget 2.95.3.

 If it doesn't build, dump it from hlfs.  Maybe a note explaining why,
at least until it falls out of lfs.

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