Joshua Brindle method at
Thu Feb 19 04:53:00 PST 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:

> On February 19, 2004 07:18 am, Joshua Brindle wrote:
>>Ah, ok. Do you know if there is anyone working on an SELinux section yet?
> On HLFS link there is a bit started on 
> Selinux. The first thing needed to be done is backport the patches to 
> vanilla.
what do you mean backported to vanilla? there are already selinux 
patches for 2.4 vanilla and 2.6 includes it.

Who wrote the selinux pages on the wiki? they are somewhat misleading. 
For example "How to make your own selinux pam patch" is the title of a 
page, leading me to believe it was going to give instructions on writing 
a patch to make something selinux-aware, which could be very cool, but 
really it tells how to extract the patch out of the SRPM available on, which isn't even necessary since the patch itself is available 
at outside of the srpms.

Also, is there a topic list of things that are desirable in the book but 
noone has started yet? Since crispin is here I assume there will be some 
  large sections on LSM, what LSM modules will be featured? Will there 
be an LSM module writing tutorial?

Joshua Brindle

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