installing everything non-root

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On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 10:26, Douglas J Hunley wrote:
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> someone posted about installing everything as 'bin' and not root. Could that 
> someone ping me offlist? I've got some questions about this very issue. 
> Thanks!

Something that I'll add to what Anderson said... Make sure you're doing
this for the right reasons.  There is a problem with obsessing over
building packages as a non-root user when one (for certain) intends to
install and use the software.  The worry most people have is that
someone might insert trojan code into a source package, but if you're
*going* to install and use that code, then there's much less utility in
building as a non-root user.  If you're trying to maintain a sterilized
build environment for building binaries that will be installed on
*other* machines (and _not_ your build machine), then it's useful.
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