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Kendrick hlfs at
Sat Feb 14 19:19:38 PST 2004

I had noticed through out most of the logs the mentioning of stackgaurd 
and libsafe,  I saw back about 1year agao on a page of IBM's a listing 
of 4 hardening pgrograms/libs  libsafe and stackgaurd + ibm's solution 
and another.  the page listed statistics of how/what they protected and 
how fast they ran.  my personal preferance was stackgaurd plus libsafe 
but I was cerous about if the others had ben seen and or considered.

also has any one stumbled across this  page?  may be intesting reading about 
how to undo stackgaurd. 

Im bulding lfs 5 on a dual proliant w raid.  If any one needs me to run 
some of the audits and or test code on a smp machine, just give me a note.

I have a fair amount of experiance w lfs, minimal programing and great 
intrest in secure linux.  I am happy to do legg work for this project 
while im getting my programing up to scratch ;)  


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