Issues with LFS glibc-2.3.3 tarball

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed Feb 11 17:45:03 PST 2004

> Which reminds me, how settled are you with the glibc version
>(0205?) and the patch you sent?

Will be creating another patch to revert changes concerning readahead
in fcntl.h that Ken ran into with hdparm... give me a few hours.
( Though I reckon that just maybe the hdparm maintainer may have to
consider using glibc's supplied one in future... )

The question there is really patch which one, glibc or hdparm...
glibc for the moment...

> If golden, I will start tommorrow hammering out some
> test builds for LFS and HLFS. I'm itching to turn my server into a
> pie/ssp machine.

It won't be golden until it gets rigorous testing... that needs
bodies in front of keyboards...

Honestly, most issues appear to be non-x86, so you should generally
be OK, patch applies against head, but I'm using 20040210-2200.

Give me a bit to get the interim patch out...


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