Issues with LFS glibc-2.3.3 tarball

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Mon Feb 9 22:08:16 PST 2004

Take 2 (hit the attachment size limit)

Hey all
More fun and games.

Have attached a patch (against 20040205-2105) that reverts 2.3.4

First set (alpha)
new symbols for complex float functions were introduced to cater
for ABI changes w gcc-3.4 (uses tru64 style handling now).

A pile of files were moved out of math/ into sysdeps/generic
(no harm no foul) which are overridden under alpha by new
implementations under sysdeps/alpha/fpu.

It's the new files under sysdeps/alpha/fpu which have been removed,
and sysdeps/alpha/fpu/bits/mathdef.h reverted.

Will know how this has fared later tonight, but it should be OK.

Secondly, powerpc changes for altivec context switching support
have been reverted to the old code. I am of two minds about this.
This will have to be revisited... (those who have the appropriate
HWCAP may want this, and probably won't care about having 2.3.4
symbols ( old code is now novec_[set|get|swap|make]context,
compatability is maintained )

Anyway, this should apply against current head (minus the changelog).

Will be grabbing glibc-2.3 2004-02-10 02:00:00 UTC tonight for
testing/evaluation (some fixes in dl code, specifically,
use of noinline attribute instead of alloca to prevent inlining),

ppc guys, you may want to do the same...
would be nice if some could test with the reverted changes and some

As usual x86 should remain unaffected

There may be some upshots out of this too, regex fixes went in
20040205, may now be possible to revert the
--with-included-regex option to our grep build...
will test this particular aspect anyway
( on x86, alpha may take a little longer ;-) )

HLFS guys may want to do a check too, though there hasn't been that
much activity with the dl code...

Damned ugly can of worms...
Would be nice if we can get to a sane point across alpha,ppc and x86...

(See attached file: 2.3-20040205-2105_reverted.bz2)
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