new winter.txt and ssp.txt

Robert Connolly cendres at
Mon Feb 9 07:00:58 PST 2004

People have told me mozilla and IE don't work with my ftpd, which is behind a 
nat. So instead of fixing that insane protocol I'm moving it to https, 
because my isp blocks port eighty, and sticking an :88 on a url is ugly. Mr 
Etoh has also asked that people stop reffering to smashing stack protector as 
propolice. So as I moved files from ftp to https and substituted propolice 
with ssp, including gcc/version.c. And at the same time I used the 
patches at lfs tree layout so files are seperated by package instead of by 
project. I'll take my ftpd down shortly.
The SSP patches haven't changed, just the version string did.

Unstable - PIE and SSP

Stable - SSP and Libsafe

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