winter.txt update - testers needed

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Sat Feb 7 07:52:33 PST 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:
> On February 4, 2004 04:45 am, Gareth Westwood wrote:
>>(why winter?)
> In nordic mythology Heimdal is the guardian of the rainbow bridge that leads 
> to "Asgaard" the homestead of the Gods. Heimdal can see 100 days in every 
> direction, sleeps lighter than a bird, and can hear the grass grow. This is 
> in contrast to greek mythology where the guard dog to Hades could be diverted 
> with cake, and beaten by Hercules. The dog, kerberos, was owned by Pluto. 
> Nordic mythology is strongest in Iceland. Pluto and Iceland are cold, hence 
> winter.txt. In other words, I didn't want to call it pie.txt because it 
> touches on several things, and I didn't know what to name it.
I like the nordic stuff, been to Norway a couple of times. My PC's are 
named, thor, odin, fraye, etc,etc.
>>Am I
>>correct in saying that everything is using the packages from lfs-5 ATM,
>>if so I will start to build an V-5 system (which I need to do anyway.)
> For fewer false bug reports I think we're asking ppl to use LFS as the host 
> system, newer the better. If you can build the cvs book as a host system it 
> would help too.

Got LFS 4 runing on a system that I use for testing. Will give it a bash 
there and let you know how I get on.

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