pie-ssp working group

Ned Ludd solar at gentoo.org
Fri Feb 6 02:00:58 PST 2004

Hello LFS

I'm cross posting this to the pax-l mailing list and CC: Hiroaki Etoh.

I just subscribed to this mailing list after trolling around your 
archives some. I'm leading the PaX/Grsec efforts at the Hardened Gentoo 
Project and I would like to also become indirectly involved with this 
project in order to minimize some duplication of efforts. I wont 
try to sell any of you on Gentoo because the distribution does not
matter to me, it's the efforts going on within them that count and 
I like what I see here. I'll try working primarily with Robert Connolly
on irc.frenode.net. Your the 3rd distribution that has adopted the PaX
model and is using ssp to complement it, which is used to prevent the
ret2libc attack among other things.

Anyway hopefully between our groups we can develop a standard together
and form a pie-ssp working group which more or less would define 
ideally how to best take advantage of these advanced features and 
share common patches.


Ned Ludd <solar at gentoo.org>
Gentoo Linux Developer
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