lfs glibc 2.3.3 hackery [was Re: winter.txt]

Robert Connolly cendres at videotron.ca
Wed Feb 4 18:28:42 PST 2004

On February 4, 2004 09:05 pm, Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au wrote:
> > My line of thinking now is to use glibc from the 27th 04:00 UTC
> Everywhere you see 27th, replace with "28th 04:00 UTC" ie just after the
> malloc changes went in.
> ( as I stated yesterday, helps if I actually check against my trees before
> posting instead of going by memory... :-/ )

I'll test build tonight against glibc-2.3.3-20040128 from 6am UTC to make sure 
relro and fpie work. I used the one from the 29th without trouble.

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