lfs glibc 2.3.3 hackery [was Re: winter.txt]

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Wed Feb 4 16:41:59 PST 2004

> So what's the problem with the 2.3.4 symbols in version.h?

Honestly, there are only a few (get|set|swapcontext),
and they are only in powerpc, some have simply had a ver increment
in alpha.

> If they cause
> no problems at this time, should the LFS book also use the
> version from the 28th?
> Or should we just do a conglomerate patch that updates the
> 20040116 to 20040128?

Only a few things to revert and we score all the updates
to the rt linker at al under elf/ . I'm thinking either blessed
tarball or a patch to revert the small amount of changes bn the 16th
and 23rd.

My line of thinking now is to use glibc from the 27th 04:00 UTC,
revert the changes to Version.defs back to the 15th,
Reverse some of Steven Monroes changes that went in
2004/01/16 04:50:59 that affected powerpc, and reverse
some of Richard Hendersons alpha changes that went in
2004/01/23 21:08:07.

Basically reverse the new symbols but keep the reqd additions
for kernel 2.6...

Have done some mods in a source tree here
( took three snapshots, one from the 16th, one from the 24th and one
from the 27th. Changes 24th-27th are fine to include.
Will upload it somewhere at some point for people to check I haven't
brainfarted anywhere with the merges )

> If the ancillary additions make no matter to LFS
> or us, wouldn't it be easier to just have both books using the
> same one?

Exactly, we should cater for everyone... including us on lfs-hackers.
Doing the above will give you guys what you need, LFS base a 2.3.3
without 2.3.4 symbols, and we get what we need for lfs-hackers.

> Should I go and find the people who decided not to make glibc releases
> anymore and string 'em up by their big toes? ;)

Yeah, fun and games... /me probably gonna take a leaf out of Kevin
Flemings book and get me a copy of bitkeeper.

We'll probably have to get some hackers into a group to stay on top
of libc changes, I personally want to track changes to the rt linker

fun fun fun ;-)
Will post more details later...
gonna have to get me a powerpc now...


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