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Tue Aug 24 06:22:41 PDT 2004

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> On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, Archaic wrote:
> Would it be a good idea to try to build HLFS without any of the security
> patches and then if that works add the security patches one at a time
> until I find out what is causing the failure?
> Where is the latest HLFS book?
I am experiencing the same problems with glibc build in chapter 6 as Jan
Mattila reported earlier and you seem to be reporting here.  I was following
the CVS HLFS book that is available here

I was using LFS-5.1.1 as by base system for doing the build on an Intel P4
1.4 Ghz system.  When I found the glibc make check errors in Chanpter 6, I
decided to see if the same errors occurred in chapter 5, as the same set of
patches are applied to glibc in both chapters.  So I started over and ran
make check when glibc is built in chapter 5.  Passed with no problems.

Now since the only difference between the build of glibc in chapter 5 and
chapter 6 is the patches applied to gcc, I assume that this may be the
underlying cause of the problems.  So I proceeded with the assumption that
maybe it is not glibc that has a problem in chapter 6 but that the test
suite has a problem and is reporting errors falsely because they have not
been modified to accommodate the changes that occur as a result of the gcc

So I did a make -k check in chapter 6 and noted the errors that occurred.  I
then continued on building the rest of the system - including iptables,
openssl, openssh, apache and postgresql.  So far the system has been up and
running for 24 hours with no indications of any problems.

The tests that reported problems were:







If anyone is interested, I can post the contents of these files if they
think it will help diagnose the problem.



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