Glibc-2.3.3 Ch. 6 make check errors - math & dlfcn

Jan Mattila jan.mattila at
Sun Aug 8 15:05:17 PDT 2004

Quoting ken_i_m at

> This is an rtfm.

This is my personal stfw. I found the lfs package from
with a simple google. 

Maybe the above address could be added to the list at

Thank you ken_i_m for quoting the MD5 digest (which the same 
googling revealed from (sic) the LFS-museum). Perhaps also 
the MD5 digest could be added next to the list of download 
sites at the above address?

My apologies to everyone on the list for spamming and for 
looking like an amateur since I seem to spawn a new thread 
every time I try to continue the one thread I started.

Live and learn.

 Jan Mattila <jan.mattila at>

 "Finland, Finland, Finland, Finland has it all."
                             - Michael Palin

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