selinux vs grsecurity

Laurens Blankers lblankers at
Fri Aug 6 03:12:45 PDT 2004

Archaic wrote:
> Your best bet would be to read the homepages for both projects, and get
> on the mailing lists.

I read their homepages, some of the documentation and googled for 
comparisons before posting this questions. However the ACL part of both 
claim to be able to do the same thing, except may be that SELinux is 
more flexibel. And then there also is RSBAC ( 
which also claims to do the same.

I was hoping someone had looked at the 2 (or 3) and made a comparison on 
how well they fit in with (H)LFS. But if noone did that yet I will see 
if I can find the differences and post them back to this list.

> If you are serious about hammering out an SELinux
> LFS, feel free to post notes and comments here, as it will be a tedious
> and long job.

When I build a LFS system with one of these systems I will, of course, 
post relevant info to the list.


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