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Thu Apr 29 11:27:37 PDT 2004

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Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
| Not intending to be too experienced, but are you attempting to filter
| and manage your system activity logs with tcl or bash?  Perl was
| practically designed for system administration functions.

Yes, that is true.  That is almost exactly the reason why Perl doesn't
belong on a firewall.  Tools that work great for system admin purposes
work extremely well in exploiting systems.  My current firewall config
is down to 40 Megs.  It snorts to a database on another machine.

~  It's also a
| lot easier to deal with parsing lists in perl than it is in bash, which
| is why I was considering it.  I didn't want to use it because it would
| merely introduce another dependency (regardless of whether or not perl
| is sure to be installed already) to the init scripts, as well as more
| subshells that would just slow things down.

Yes, dependancies are exactly what you want to eliminate on a firewall.
~ A firewall is a single purpose machine.  The less that is installed on
the machine the better.  Less to exploit, less to monitor, less to fix.
~ Logs can easily be sent to another machine that can do any darn thing a
person wants in any language they want.

I know how Perlies like their language! ;)  Any excuse to write
something in Perl.  I use it when necessary.

In any case I wish you success with your scripts, I've been tuning mine
for over 2 years.

Kelly Anderson
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