new ssp patch sysctl-erandom

Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Apr 25 11:25:33 PDT 2004

On second thought, the arc4random fallback is too much bloat for this. Ideally 
it will never get used, and if I start coding to compensate for missing 
kernel features, it will never end, and it'll be crappy. This attached patch 
has minor changes, one header was changed so it uses the sysctl wrapper. 
Using sysctl directly causes compile time warnings that this patch avoids. It 
depends solely on the frandom kernel patch. The arc4random library isn't very 
usefull to us, it doesn't do anything we can't get from sysctl erandom, but 
I'll keep a note of it incase it ever becomes more usefull.

This and glibc-2.3.2 patch was send to patches@, I'll fix the hints to use it. 
I don't think it will need any more modifications.

On a side note. With all due respect, the relationship with an other vendor is 
hindering HLFS progress more then helping it. HLFS is not concerned with 
reverse compatibility, licensing issues, and idiot-proofing that tie other 
projects down. Their input is no longer appreciated. I was accused of using 
3rd party vendor and programmer names to boost the image of HLFS, to their 
detriment. This is of course not the case, I was simply trying to over credit 
instead of under crediting. Be that as it may, I will remove this vendor from 
credits unless there is clear undeniable evidence that they're indeed due 
credit. There is only one patch I can think of where this is the case 
(sspspecs), but that patch causes a nasty compile time warning, and it will 
be recoded when I get the chance.
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