Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Apr 18 12:29:00 PDT 2004

I have a lot of upgrades I'm testing right now. I'm hoping it will be done 
today, but I'm not sure. They include:
Upgrade to binutils-
Upgrade to linux-2.4.26.
Upgrade to tcl-8.4.6.
Upgrade to expect-5.40.1.
Upgrade to texinfo-4.7

I think autoconf has an upgrade too. And! the frandom author is finished 
modifying his package for sysctl. Its a kernel patch that will add /proc/sys/
kernel/random/erandom. I am adapting the glibc-ssp patch to use it. It adds a 
kernel option in char devices too. I would like its use to be manditory with 
ssp. I am also close to adding blowfish (libxcrypt) passwords to shadow.

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