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Robert Connolly robert at
Wed Apr 7 16:34:41 PDT 2004


Hardened Linux From Scratch is a security oriented documentation and source
code project. It is our ambition to redefine security as we know it, and be 
the model others can compare themselves towards. We do not cull our system
because of copyright issues. Other security based projects, namely Debian and
OpenBSD, attempt to purify their systems based on copyright, while this has
nothing to do with security. These copyright issues have been addressed in 
this way to keep it legal for distribution in binary form. HLFS packages are 
only available in source form, and therefore any packages and patches can be 
mixed, for the benefit of security. This may include patented algorithms, and 
non-free opensource code. We will use what works best and not limit ourselves 
for political issues. This is an educational project, and hence we are not 
concerned with the legalities of distributing in binary. Packages which do 
not meet the security requirements of the system, namely XFree86 or Haskell, 
will simply not be supported until they're fixed first. We will not reduce 
our security to satisfy the requests of the users. Any HLFS developed 
technology will be ported to BSD, Minix, and others, whereever possible. We 
don't want to be the only ones using specific technologies. We want it to be 
robust enough that it can be tested on the widest range of systems possible, 
and to benefit the opensource community at large. We will not push forward 
releases if there are any unresolved bugs, exploitable or otherwise. While 
this policy may not be compatible with commercial interests, HLFS is made by 
hackers for hackers.

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