Adrian Fisher mobiletiw at
Mon Apr 5 13:55:51 PDT 2004

Hello all :)

I am sorry if this is off-topic but I have applied to join the standard 
LFS mailing list andhave not yet heard from it so I decided topost it here.

I have been reading the LFS book and have got to the stage where I am 
about to install Binutils but don't understand what the book says. I 
have unpacked the file in it's own sub-directory in sources and 
/lfs/sources/binutils-blah-blah-blah but where do I execute the mkdir 
binutils-build commands (from page 62)?  Please help as I am lost.  
Please help as I am very eager to get started and continue the build :)

I would also note who I need to build the packages as?  I thought you 
need to install software as root or is that just for software you 
install into the normal file-system tree?

Thanks in advance.


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