MySQL died immediatelly...

Denny Zulfikar denny at
Sun Apr 4 17:04:16 PDT 2004

hello all... 

I don't know if this question should posted to hlfs ... sorry if wrong.. 

I got error on mysql 4.0.12 that installed on slackware 9.1. 

the database server died immediatelly. I don't think that server overload, 
because only apache webserver, MySQL and BNC that installed on system. I 
ever try on another server with lower spesification and same Linux 
Distribution. it's works. no problem... Never found these problem... 

try looking on, there're no answer... I still waiting for mail 

the error message was :
root at file:/# mysqld_safe --user=mysql &
[1] 11090
root at file:/# Starting mysqld daemon with databases from 

root at file:/# /data/system/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe: line 320: 11112 Killed 
$NOHUP_NICENESS $ledir/$MYSQLD $defaults --basedir=$MY_BASEDIR_VERSION 
 --datadir=$DATADIR $USER_OPTION --pid-file=$pid_file --skip-locking 
>>$err_log 2>&1
040405 06:52:00  mysqld ended 

[1]+  Done                    mysqld_safe --user=mysql
root at file:/# 

and the error code never give me answer :
root at file:/# more /data/system/mysql/data/file.err
Number of processes running now: 0
040405 01:16:27  mysqld restarted
040405 01:16:32  mysqld ended 

040405 06:39:07  mysqld started
040405  6:39:27  InnoDB: Started 

Number of processes running now: 0
040405 06:39:29  mysqld restarted
040405 06:39:34  mysqld ended 

040405 06:42:07  mysqld started
040405 06:42:29  mysqld ended 

I try to reboot the linux machine. when booting, the sql server look well, 
no error. after several hours (9-10 hour), the problem coming up again.. 

anybody know what problem is?? 

is MySQL version 3.** more stable??? 

thanks for help...
sorry for bad english... :) 


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